Smiley Flag Wall Hanging


The Smiley Flag Wall Hanging was a part of Bethany Williams’ first public art commission at Coal Drops Yard in 2021. The installation saw 90 flags displayed, boasting illustrations inspired by collaborative story telling workshops led by Williams and artist Melissa Kitty Jaram conducted with the families from The Magpie Project and Making For Change. The workshops explored the beauty of folklore and storytelling between generations, spotlighting how certain themes and values shared can stay with you through life. This flag is one of thirteen original flags available as small pieces of the original Coal Drops Yard installation, sold to raise funds for The Magpie Project. 


This is a unique opportunity for you to acquire a limited-edition piece for the home, giving space to these timeless community stories. 100% of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to the ‘Bethany Williams Benevolent Fund’ a fund created by The Magpie Project. The charity and East London grassroots organisation, supports women and children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


Smiley Flag Wall Hanging was made by Making For Change, a social manufacturing project based inside HMP Downview and at Poplar Works, supporting and training participants with makers skills and qualifications. 


These works set the standard for environmentally and socially conscious artwork. Other works from this series were on display at The Design Museum as part of William’s show 'Alternative Systems' in 2022.


Designed with a lifecycle three phase approach, following the installation at Coal Drops Yard, we launched an exclusive denim capsule with luxury retailer Browns Fashion, incorporating half of the flags’ fabric as linings and patchwork details. The remaining flags have been given a second life in the form of eight appliqué blanket artworks. Alongside the blankets, thirteen of the original flags are available as small pieces of the original Coal Drops Yard installation. 


Product Code: BW23CDY-F05

Origin: Made in London

Material: 100% Hemp Slub with Silver Nickel Eyel

Size: approx 120cm x 100cm