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Using inspiration from vintage bandanas from the pre-industrialization of synthetic indigo at the end of the 19th century, BUAISOU has updated our classic bandana.

By changing the thread number, thread quality, and weaving density, we have been able to develop a fabric with double selvage, a major feature that has not been seen in over a century. Traditional looms that can weave fabrics of this width are extremely rare. Fortunately, one was found in a mill in our hometown of Tokushima.

The loom had been out of commission for several decades but has now been given a new life and put back into production. The design depicts the annual process from seed to Sukumo, working in the fields, and dyeing in Indigo. The pattern is created by a technique called Bassen (discharge), in which the color is removed after dyeing, and finally, each is hand finished in our studio.

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