Kiosk N1C x Rebecca Zephyr Thomas

We are back! We are so excited to get going with Series 2 of our podcast, Kiosk N1C Stories.


Kiosk N1C if you don’t know is the voice of Lower Stable Street & has curated all shops, events and exhibitions on Lower Stable Street since Coal Drops Yard opened in 2018. Our mission has been to support new businesses and provide an environment in which they can thrive and grow. 


In each episode Maria Hanlon will be finding out the real stories of how these businesses have developed and how the community has shaped their journey. 


What better way to kick off the series than with photographer Rebecca Zephyr Thomas! Rebecca’s work is about connecting with people and telling stories about the passions that light us up as individuals. She’s worked on some really exciting projects which we discuss including her ‘We Are Your Friends’ project which is an exhibition of images shot at London Fashion Week in the late 2000s, that are being exhibited on Lower Stable Street in collaboration with Kiosk N1C.


We chat about what’s changed in the world of fashion since then, her inspiration and influences and the biggest lessons learnt along the way. Let’s do it shall we? This is Episode 1 with the incredibly talented Rebecca Zephyr Thomas…