Westminster University Lightbox Exhibition

Artwork by students from the University of Westminster has been selected for a new exhibition exploring and celebrating Earth Day, on view on Lower Stable Street King’s Cross this spring, 10 April through to the end of May.


The ten student contributors, from across disciplines and genres, engage with the powerful themes for this year’s Earth Day - Innovative Solutions, Reject Fast Fashion and Babies vs. Plastics - across a range of art forms, including painting, photography, design and poetry.


Human beings now shape our planet, its biosphere and the habitats it provides so much that the phrase ‘the Anthropocene’ has been coined to mark the intensity of that effect. 22 April is Earth Day, a global initiative aimed at raising awareness of and tackling the climate crisis from every possible angle.


From Rachel Peng’s costumed trees, critiquing fast fashion, to Danielle Elephante’s design for a fantastical biodigester situated on the banks of the River Thames, these creative responses to the climate emergency are designed to inform, engage and inspire, hopefully starting conversations and sparking new ideas for the future of our planet.


The competition, organised by Pippa Catterall, Professor of History and Policy at the University of Westminster, is the second annual arts collaboration between the University of Westminster and King’s Cross, following a successful exhibition celebrating Earth Day 2023.



Exhibition opens 10 April 2024

Lower Stable Street, Kings Cross, N1C