Ore Projects

Lauren and Daniela run Ore projects from their workshop in Hertfordshire. They provide local teenagers with hands-on skills in metalwork for free. Their long term aim is to tackle the shortage of trade workers by teaching young people practical skills that are no longer accessible through school, due to a mass closure of Design and Technology departments across the UK. (Only 22% of children in the UK took D&T last year) They want to normalise and empower women working within a heavily male-dominated industry. (Only 16.5% of all engineers in the UK are female) Finally they want to provide an authentic community amongst young makers (70% of youth clubs in the UK have shut since 2011).


Enter their draw (linked below) to win an ESAB welding shield, Dremel, or pair of CAT footwear shoes. By entering this draw you are directly providing free classes for people who need it most.

Prizes will be announced at the Social in Kiosk N1C on the 16th May! Everyone is welcome, starting at 6:30pm.