If each item of hardware presents a solution to a problem in daily life, then a local hardware store provides a collective display, reflecting the life of a community it serves. 


From 11-20th September, Industrial designer Liang-Jung Chen turns Kiosk N1C into a pop-up hardware concept store, offering ideas of ‘misusing’ daily hardware. The exhibition features a range of utilitarian hardware collected in Taiwan where the project was founded on observations of the local often humorous but intentional misuse of hardware. The project explores the notion that certain subtleties of a parent culture are revealed in the design and use/misuse of hardware around the world. The exhibition also presents the third iteration of the project, in collaboration with designer Will Laslett, a new collection of 10 objects made with British hardware exploring alternative contexts for these semi-finished products.


Together with Kiosk N1C, a special edition product will be launched during the festival, ‘misusing’ the stall clip that can be spotted everywhere in the markets of Coal Drops Yard. A series of events will also take place: a hardware repurposing design workshop with Blackhorse Workshop and a conversation on hardware observation with designer Emile Jones. A must see if you also find charm in the details of everyday objects.