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Travel Photographer of the Year ( TPOTY ) is a global travel photography competition. Whether you're amateur or professional, beginner or expert, shoot in exotic and remote places or closer to home, there's a category for you. 

For 17 years, we, ve brought you incredible and qwe-inspiring images from all corners of the globe, In an increasingly homogenized world, we celebrate our diverse cultures and marvel at the beauty and fragility of our planet. 

For this latest collection, journey 12, we challenged photographers to show us their creative and abstract vision in The Art Of Travel, Human insight in People and Cultures animals and ecosystems on the edge in Endangered Plant and where they get their kicks Thrills and Adventures portfolios. There were also One shot single image categories for what goes on after dark in Dust to Dawn, the majesty and awe of Ocean, Seas, Rivers and Lakes and life on and around the streets in streetlife. 

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