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Montamonta x Kiosk N1C 'Christmas Tree Project' Handwash


An invigorating botanical based hand wash with an unorthodox coniferous scent that thoroughly refreshes skin without drying.

formulated + manufactured in east london using nordmann fir recycled + extracted for the christmas tree project by Kiosk N1C.

About the Project: Last Christmas we kept Lower Stable Street tree-lined throughout December with trees from Kingswood Tree Farm in Kent. The plan was simple: sell the trees on the street, and then, once the festive season was over, receive the returned ‘waste’ trees to upcycle them into something people actually wanted.

A simple concept but even on a small scale this way of redirecting waste products was something we could do as a responsible retailer. We wanted to work on this project with people who already sensibly sourced their raw materials and so we teamed up with Cremate, Montamonta and our King’s Cross neighbours Earl of East.

Once the trees had been received at the start of 2020 they were painstakingly picked, stripped and harvested of their pine needles. These collected needles were then run through an alembic still to create a pine essential oil extract that we would then be able share with our collaborators; anything that couldn’t be used in the distillation process was shared with the King’s Cross estate to produce a pine mulch to help feed the soil in the local area.

We’re proud to share the results of this labour exclusively from Kiosk N1C.

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