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Blue Above captures the freedom and power of dance in front of the sun drenched backdrop of subburban L.A. Wanting to explore and uncover personal feelings of unrest and anxiety, Laura asked a group of contemporary dancers to physically interpret their own emotion and experiences. Improvised movement is photographed to capture pure moments of feeling, expression and stillness. Bringing pysical form, and also beauty, to normally intangible internal feelings that are familiar to many of us.

This has been brought together into a tactile linen bound hardback edition. Two inlaid images on the front and back reflect a begining and end to the narrative of the dance played out inside.



• 56 image plates

• 210 x 260mm

• Foil embossed linen hard cover

• Image inlay front and back

• Inside on 150gsm Symbol Tatami

• First printing October 2019

• Edition of 500

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