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For Christmas 2019 we decorated Lower Stable Street at Coal Drops Yard with 100 Nordmann Fir Christmas trees, grown on a farm in Kent. 

In January and February 2020 we took the pine needles off these trees and distilled them down into an essential oil. 

We then worked with some of our favourite brands to create products out of this essential oil. Earl of East, Cremate London and Montamonta are all London-based and small-scale manufacturers with a focus on sustainable ingredients and methods. They have all added their own notes to the Nordmann Fir essential oil to create a range of products that we think you’ll enjoy using.

Wash your hands, light a candle, open the windows, and burn some incense. 


The contents of the set:

Earl of East x Kiosk N1C 'Christmas Tree Project' Candle

Nordmann fir, rosewood, vanilla and caramel soy wax candle hand poured in London.


Montamonta x Kiosk N1C 'Christmas Tree Project' Hand Wash

An invigorating botanical based hand wash with an unorthodox coniferous scent that thoroughly refreshes skin without drying.


Cremate x Kiosk N1C 'Kiosk Green Tree' incense cones

Charcoal incense cones are all natural, hand dipped in the London borough of Tower Hamlets and may be the answer to many of life's problems. Cremate only use the purest of essential oils in their scent blends and this particular scent includes a pine essential oil and palma rosa.

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