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‘Having worked with Le Corbusier on Villa Shodhan and Villa Sarabhai, the images of their flowing spaces, quality of naturally reflected light, varied volumes, and their connection to nature passed through my mind. I remembered Le Corbusier’s words: “Follow my spirit, but evolve in your own way, even if it is wrong. There is no better way to learn.”’

—BV Doshi

Kamala House, BV Doshi is the third book in a series devoted to some of our favourite architects, the houses they build, and the stories behind them.

After travelling to England in the ‘40s to complete his studies in architecture, and working under Le Corbusier in Paris, Doshi returned to a newly independent India in the early ‘50s. He founded his practice, Sangath, and struck out on his own intensely humanistic path, with projects ranging from civic and educational institutions to low-income housing projects—and the home he built for his own family in 1963: Kamala House, named after his wife, and home to three generations of family over the past 50 years. In 2018 Doshi was awarded the coveted Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Original photography by Quentin de Briey & archival imagery from the architect. Texts by BV Doshi & Durga Chew-Bose.

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