by Lauren Godfrey X Ventura/Foreman – Coming soon
‘Pattern Portraits’ is the first in a series of textile-based installations at Coal Drops Yard, designed with social and environmental circularity in mind. This giant quilt in the sky is a celebration of pattern by Artist Lauren Godfrey – its omnipresence, our enjoyment of, and expression through it. The project is both a celebration of the significance and ubiquitousness of pattern and an exploration of sustainable and regenerative textiles in art and fashion, as well as a reflection of the people of King’s Cross. It runs until November, is open all day, and free to enjoy.

This is only the first life of this fabric: once the installation is decommissioned the material will be turned into a clothing collection for Spring ‘21 designed and manufactured by London-based independent fashion house VENTURA/Foreman and available to buy exclusively from Kiosk N1C with proceeds going into funding arts-based grants.
To register your interest in purchasing the flags and clothing, please.    CLICK HERE

The flags and clothing themselves are created from Global Organic Textile Standard [GOTS]-certified Hemp Slub and 100% recyclable. To create the designs, Godfrey worked with students from Central Saint Martins’ at King’s Cross who are completing the BA Textiles Design course and from STORE Store, an initiative based in Coal Drops Yard that helps local young people into applied creative courses. Participants assembled patterned fabrics and clothes of their own in colliding and undulating combinations, before drawing them in the mode of still life: a meditative, mindful exercise in observation, abstraction and colour application. Godfrey then distilled the drawings into bold and arresting shapes and colours.
The resulting designs were transformed into the series of large-scale flags that create a giant quilt in the sky: a portrait of the people who were involved in its making and, in turn, the area of King’s Cross itself. It references the age-old practice of flag-making and considers the future of the textile industry.