Sian Evans & Pond come together to exhibit jewellery collections which seek to extend the life of materials. At the installation, the jewellers present their design process and working practices through their individual approaches to sustainability and traceability.

Visitors are invited to bring along old, broken or awful jewellery to swap for the designers work. Your gold, silver or platinum jewellery has a value, however small or broken, recycle it at What Follows.

After working together for a decade in fashion jewellery Natalie Holt and Holly Archer-Nicholls stepped back from fast fashion and launched Pond in 2019. Broken and unwanted jewellery was the starting point for their inspiration, creating new jewellery by carefully recycling components in gold, glass, pearl and ceramic.

Sian Evans presents jewellery made with materials she has collected from barters and swapping jewellery with her customers. These materials are used to create new pieces using ancient goldsmithing practices she researched during her tenure as a lecturer at nearby Central Saint Martins.


From September 30th - 8th October at Kiosk.